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What a delicious drink----Sugarcane Juice


          Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Sugarcanes


·     Sugarcane, being low on glycemic index, helps keep the body fit and healthy.

·     Sugarcane juice has been found to be very beneficial for preventing as well as treating sore throat, cold and flu.

·     Since sugarcane has no simple sugar, it can be enjoyed by diabetics without any fear.

·     Being alkaline in nature, sugarcane juice helps the body in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

·     Since sugarcane is rich in carbohydrates, it can help the body feel invigorated and revitalized quickly.

·     If you have been exposed to heat and physical activity for too long, drink sugarcane juice. It will help hydrate the body quickly.

·     Sugarcane is believed to strengthen stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.

·     Sugarcane juice is an excellent substitute for aerated drinks and cola.

·     Sugarcane clears the urinary flow and also helps the kidney to perform its functions smoothly.

·     Sugarcane juice has been found to be good for those who are suffering from febrile disorders.

·     Sugarcane is beneficial for micturation, caused due to high acidity, genorrhoea, enlarged prostate, cyctitis and nepthritis.

·     Sugarcane juice is said to speed up the recovery process after jaundice.

Want to know more flavor Sugarcane Juice? Go through!

Lotus root+sugarcane juice



Chinese water chestnut+sugarcane juice



Freshly squeezed sugarcane juice

To make Sugarcane Juice more quickly, use Shuangdie Sugarcane Juicer~


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