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New technology of the blender claims to cut costs


      A  new technology of the blender helps to cut maintenance costs.

      B20II series Blender based on planetary gear train theory, inside the material barrel, the blender conducts revolution and rotation around the mixer shaft at the same time, and this provides a compact conformation and reliable speed variation. Under such a condition, the materials inside could be mixed fluently and evenly.

      And different range of rotational speeds, thus it is suitable for the mixing and blending of various kinds of food.

      As all know,traditional worm-drive in a short time, emit overmuch heat, lose excessive energy with a weak electric motor; moreover, worm-drive belt has difficulties in maintenance and cost much.

     The blender models from Shuangdie company adopt belt-drive instead of the traditional worm-drive. And belt-drive is able to overcome the above defects of worm-drive, it has little dissipation in energy and its noise is very low.

     Shuangdie Blender  absorbs the advantages of notched belt roller which has obtained national patent alreadyproviding reliable transmission, more power(compared with similar machine models), more economical and convenient maintenance, as well as easier operation and cleaning process.

     As one of the most frequently used equipment for quality pastry, this series blender is widely applied in hotels, canteen, and pastry workshops etc.

     So, chose Shuangdie Blender,reduce maintenance troubles,cutting the costs.

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